Jacksonville Landing Mural Project 

I was inspired to paint this piece because of some recent violence that took place in the community involving young African American teenagers.

I wanted to show the positive aspect of the youth from what else I see in my community.  

My community is filled with young, energetic, creative & loving energy.  

The portrait I painted represents the beauty and positive energy that exists in the urban community.

Peace & Love

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Jaxlanding Mural Project

Most recent project 2nd Class Citizens Series

AMERYKAH! 38x34 Oil on Canvas

 Exhibit February 1st, 2017 A More Perfect Union:  Explorations of Human Rights at Space Gallery Jacksonville FL.

It was heart breaking and alarming reading and seeing the harsh treatment Africans received during the Transatlantic. In today's society, some African Americans are being targeted. In the early 1600's Africans were taken to a new land and forced into labor without consent.

With this body of work, I wanted to show the history of how the human rights were violated to a race of people. It took 364 years for African Americans to begin to receive fair treatment and even be treated as citizens of the United States.

Rebirth Live Installation image by Toni Smailagic

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The civil rights movement was a start to fighting and working towards changing laws that helped with ending the discrimination that African Americans received in the United States.

52 years later the black communities in America are still fighting for equal rights and fair treatment.  There's a lack of quality education in urban communities which greatly effects my community.  I want to show the truth of the past so people can be more thoughtful and help with working towards equality for everyone.