Ingrid Yuzly Mathurin

Yuzly's Art is not only a name it is also a new form of art with a vision to empower people in every walk of life.  Yuzly holds an important role in the community as a method of motivation and creativity.  She has gained many accomplishments yet, this is only the commencement of the journey for this valued artist.  Since 2004 until recently, Yuzly produced for the Empowerment Art Auction where the accomplishment of 8 “Vision Within Us Pieces,” sold the first month of display.  Yuzly is also a foundation for other artists to broaden.  Yuzly has not limited her learning abilities; she uses her power to inspire others interested in her rare art form.  

She juried the 2007 Juneteenth festival art show where she earned the Emerging Artist award winner.  In October 2007, Yuzly sponsored the piece Hope to the ArtReach Alliance; a grassroots organization grown into a community-based, multi-disciplinary organization serving artists and art patrons alike.  Yuzly is an active freelance makeup artist & painter. 

In 2007 she participated in the group show Dignified Holiday Images of Dignity, Karpeles manuscript museum.  She has created a number of works, many being a part of prestigious art walks and exhibits throughout the state of Florida.  Her ingenuity is often recognized and in 2008 she was featured in the February Edition of Jacksonville Buzz Magazine.  Her art work was featured as the publication Artists in Unexpected Places.  Yuzly is known to not only move individuals that are artists, she has taken the interest of children, high paid athletes and other people from many different walks of life.  

Yuzly allows her work to speak for itself by promoting the youth to follow their dreams. She was a guest speaker at the William Carter Elementary School Feb 2008 where she was given the opportunity to interact with students and share her story.  Most recently she participated at KIPP Middle school for career day sharing her art and answering questions for future artist.  Yuzly believes that it is never too early to instill in one fundaments and values.  She is currently living and working in Jacksonville, Fl as a Visual Artist & Makeup Artist.