7 Months ago I started an Art Project where I will be painting about my life story and will also use live plants as an art installtion.

I started to grow seeds for my installation and realized how good I was at Gardening.

I built a raise garden in my back yard and started growing produce from seeds and it was a success.

From thinking about the things I didnt really see much of in the urban community, I decieded to get more land so I can feed families who really needed extra help with organic produce.


Empowering The Community

6 years ago, I was living in Miami Beach working full time as a single mother raising 2 children alone.

Due to the amount of money I made, it still wasn't enough to support my family and I was over the bracket to receive Goverment help.

There were many days where I was not able to eat a meal due to making sure my children were able to eat.

Sometimes all my children had to eat were packs of Ramon Noodles.

One thing I wish I had was support from the community that had organic produce or even a community garden that had produce to give away.

Start from the Roots

3 weeks ago I got 400 sq ft of land where I'm able to grow more food so I can create food bags of fresh produce of vegetables and fruits to give to families and also to the homeless that are in my area.  

Not only will the family recieve some fresh organic foods, they will also recieve a print of some of the New Art work I'm creating for my solo exhibit.

I will also have 3 workshops teaching children and families how to create their own urban garden in their backyard like I was able to do for my family.


Teaching Free Raised Garden Bed Classes

- Each family that attends a class will receive fresh produce from the community garden I've been working on that has fresh organic tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, watermelon, peppers & squash.

They will also receive seeds to plant food for the current season.

Produce bags will be given to give to the homeless that will be distributed near my art studio next to hemming plaza in Jacksonville, FL.