Aug 2019 - Fulton County Fine Art Acquisition Recipient 

                    Atlana, GA 

Public Art:

Aug 2019 - Mural assistant for Fabian Williams

                   Papa Johns 990 State street, Atlanta, GA

May 2019 - Muralist for Ray Band Proud to Belong Mural Project for The Surf Lodge,

                   Montauk, NY

July 2019 -  Tila Studios Quality Control Festival 

                    Mural assistant /Community engagement 

Feb. 2019    Muralist for Kaeperbowl with Power Haus Creatives 

                    Mural of Colin Kapernick 1650 Jonesboro Rd. SE Atlanta, GA

 Nov 2016 - Mural Assistant - 5 international muralist (James Reka, Kenor, Ino, Rene Romero Schuler,               

                   Guido Van Helten, Phlegm

                   Art Republic, Jacksonville, FL

Oct. 2016 - Public Art - Mural Assistant Jax Mural Kids

                   James Weldon Johnson Middle School, Jacksonville, FL

Feb. 2013 - Public Art - Muralist - Murals of Negro Legue Baseball Players 

                    At Dorsey Park with Kadir Nelson, Urban Inc, Miami FL


2013 - The Golden Eye, Brooklyn NY


2019 - A journey to South Africa, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Museum, 

           Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa 

2019 - High Rise Show, Tila Studios, Atlanta GA

2019 - Dead Ringer Vol III, Future Gallery East Point, GA

2019 - Articulate, Mason Fine Art gallery, Atlanta GA 

2019 - City of Ink 12 year Anniversary, City of Ink, Atlanta, GA

2019 - Catch Me In The A, Sinclair Gallery, East Point, GA

2019 - End Game, Future Gallery, East Point, GA

2018 - Future Dead Artist, Future Gallery, East Point, GA

2018 - Abstract Minds, Future Gallery, East Point, GA

2018 - A Journey to South Africa, Ritz Theater & Museum, Jacksonville, FL

2017 - A More Perfect Union, Space Gallery, Jacksonville, FL

2016 - Raw Artist, Brooklyn, NY

2012 - LMNT Art Basel, Miami FL


2019 - Dead Ringer Vol III, East Point, GA

2019 - Story Board Melissa A. Mitchell, Live Painting 

           Auburn Avenue Research Library, Atlanta GA

2018 - A More Perfect Union, Space Gallery, Jacksonville, FL

2017- Career Day at Kipp Middle School, Jacksonville, FL


2019 - Fine Art Acquisition Program Catalog of works

           Fulton County Arts & Culture

2018 - The Florida Times Union - Eye opening exhibit at the Ritz


2017 - Home Town with PBS - Artist in Unexpected Places 


2017 - Vibrating Off The Walls - A More Perfect Union Exhibition Folio Weekly